Falling Back in Love with Your Home

We’re in the middle of what could be considered the coldest, bleakest time of the year. The excitement of Christmas has faded, and the spring seems quite a way off, and this often means everything around us can just feel a little tired and shabby. If you’re looking around your home thinking you’re a bit fed up with it and would like to perk it up, then don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!


Experiment with moving and repositioning some of your furniture. Try different pieces in different areas and even in different rooms for an easy and cost free way to reinvigorate the space. Typically, odd numbered groupings with different heights feel the best and opt for balance rather than symmetry when dressing longer pieces of furniture.

The same applies to accessories; grouping them in different ways can give a totally new feel and look.


Nothing makes you feel more cleansed and ready for a new season than a good edit! Invest in good transparent storage boxes for things you want to keep and be ruthless with the rest! Clearing your surfaces, and even unseen spaces like drawers and cupboards will make you feel refreshed and organised and help give your home a new lease of life!

Up the Oxygen Levels

Add some real plants into your home! We love faux plants and there is such a beautiful variety to choose from, however a scattering of the ‘real deal’ in sunny and light areas will bring a lovely natural and fresh feeling and with a little love should last for years.

If you’re not naturally green-fingered, click here for helpful advice on how to keep your new plants alive.

Invest in a Lovely Aroma

Home interiors aren’t all about the aesthetics, there can be something for every sense. Spend some time picking out some scents that make you happy and introduce them to your home with diffusers, candles and room sprays. Walking into a home that smells just the way you want it to a great way to give your mood a little lift and help you feel more at home.  

We love… these gorgeous candles from Chloe Jade Home, they have a lovely scent as well as looking the part.

Deep Clean

This is a great time of year for a deep clean. Make sure the windows are sparkling and the skirting boards aren’t covered in dust is another great way to make your home feel its best and inspire you to keep everything looking perfect! If you’re moving furniture, clean the exposed areas before anything is replaced for a thorough job.

Storage Options

Clearing the clutter from your home will have an instant effect, but storage can often be restricted. Make use of storage choices like these trunks available on Amazon. They are pretty and practical, and will keep the clutter under control.


Choose a fresh bold colour for one of your rooms. It can be daunting thinking about painting all the walls a dark or vibrant colour; maybe your worried about the room feeling dark or the commitment to something completely different is a little scary. Instead of all 4 walls, paint just the ceiling, or only the strip above the picture rail. Both of these executions can really lift and refresh a room and help you feel excited about it again whilst keeping a light and airy feel!

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