General service agreement

At Interiors at 58 we aim to provide the best possible interior design services, however Interiors at 58 are not responsible for circumstances beyond its control. For example Interiors at 58 are not responsible for manufacturing imperfections, mislabeled dimensions, shipping problems, late deliveries, out-of-stock items, or vendor price changes. This list is not exhaustive but confirms that the service purchased from Interiors at 58 is design advice and Interiors at 58 is not responsible for any problems accidents or damages arising that are outside its control during implementation of the scheme or once it is completed. While all opinions, advice and information are professionally sourced and provided in good faith, neither Interiors at 58 nor any other person or organisation associated with Interiors at 58 accepts any legal liability or responsibility for such opinions, advice and information.

All measurements to be verified by client and/or contractor prior to purchasing product. Interiors at 58 recommend that all purchases made directly by the client be made with a credit card. 


Interiorsat58 will if needed suggest to the client tradespeople that in good faith are felt to be capable of providing a good standard of work at a fair price. These tradespeople do not work for Interiorsat58 and no responsibility will be taken by Interiorsat58 at any time should any problem arise as a result of the work undertaken by the tradesperson.

The client is welcome to use their own trades. Clients are encouraged to get comparative quotes at estimate stage.


Interiorsat58 holds trade accounts with many retailers across the price spectrum and is able to pass on some of this discount to its clients. Discounts vary and size of order will be relevant. Clients of Interiorsat58 can also enjoy other privileges such as free shipping, speedy order processing and the option for bespoke changes to some items. In some instances discounts can offset the design fees entirely meaning that the client has a professionally designed home and has also saved time and money.


Interior Design businesses must forward plan their work and the designer will assume the contract will be in place until the project is completed. However if either party wishes to terminate the contract, or either party is in breach of contract, a phone call or meeting in person must be held and the breaching party given the opportunity to rectify the breach. After which the contact may be terminated in writing with one weeks notice.


The Designer retains the right to photograph the project at completion and use the photographs in his or her portfolio online unless specified otherwise when signing the contract.


Where purchases have been made by Interiorsat58 on behalf of the client and the item needs to be refunded, the refund will be made to the client once the supplier has refunded Interiorsat58.


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