Interior Design is Not Just for Adults!

So summer’s (sadly) over and the children have gone back to school,  and they need their bedrooms to be both a sanctuary and a workspace, so how do we achieve the perfect multi-purpose space?

Creating areas and zones, in any room, is the key to a successful multi-purpose room. Each function has its own space, cleverly separated yet tied together with, for example, complementary shades keeping the room feeling whole, while having defined areas.

One way to separate different areas of a room is by using a room divider. There is a huge range available, and these can be used in any room in your home to great effect.

The freestanding wood panel from Wayfair is a stylish and flexible piece that will subtly create those zones. While the Panamara teak room divider from Maisons du Monde will visually distinguish different spaces, maybe forming a hidden corner in the living room where you can work from home, or defining a dressing area in your bedroom.

If you want something different, try a hanging divider. We love this one from Etsy which is not only functional, but it doubles up as a statement piece and talking point.

One thing that children, whatever age, need in their room is a desk or dressing table; somewhere to use to either work or play or even both! There is a wide variety of desks available; something to suit every room, budget and taste. Here are a couple of our favourites:

Petite Amelie have this gorgeous desk that works as a dressing table too. Its minimalist Scandinavian design can fit in with every child’s room.

The Adil desk from La Redoute is a versatile, retro design. It is on trend and budget friendly, and your chair and accessories will make it unique to you. Ideal for a growing child’s room.

Beds can offer flexibility and can be the ultimate piece of furniture when it comes to multi-purpose rooms. There are some great options for children’s room for functional and fun bedtimes.

A high sleeper bed like the Warwick High Sleeper from Aspace makes the most of the floor space below the bed with storage and a desk. Alternatively you can go for the a high sleeper with a futon for an additional bed. The Warwick range includes matching items like the Pedestal Desk if you want a theme throughout the room.

For smaller children, the Una Sleep Station from Noa and Nani has everything they need!

For all families great storage is the key to keeping on top of clutter and creating a calming space, however it doesn’t need to be boring and there is lots of choice when it comes to fun and funky things that your kids will love, and help keep them tidy.

We love these storage units:

Top tips

  • If you keep the décor simple and neutral colours it can be easily updated as your children get older
  • Get your kids involved at the design stage so they can express themselves with the choices.
  • The addition of accessories will reflect their current preferences and life stage
  • Use keepsakes and photos of them in the room to make it truly personal.

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