Autumnal Inspiration for Your Interiors

Autumn is a turning point in the year. The leaves are taking on their vibrant rust and gold colours, there’s a definite chill in the air and there’s something magical about an autumnal atmosphere. That is exactly what we want to capture in homes by taking inspiration from the season.

Autumn’s palette is characterised by warm, earthy, and vibrant colours that reflect the changing hues of leaves and nature during the season. Some of our favourites are the burnt oranges, which work well with both grey and neutral colours. You can see here how the Hampshire Love Seat from Dusk brings a rich orange colour to the room that works brilliantly with a neutral décor. It could be a statement piece, or you could pick out accessories and artwork in more muted versions of the colour for a harmonious look. The natural tone of wooden legs is a nice touch to accentuate the autumnal feel.

You could choose the Flora Photogram from Oka or Faux Berry Spray from Layered Lounge to inject a splash of the beautiful orange colour into a room, or combine them to create a real autumnal impact. If you are adding seasonal foliage to your home, real or faux, consider the vase or planter, we suggest wood, brass or black planters or vases would work well to complement and enhance the warm tones of autumnal flowers and plants.

Textures play a big part in autumnal décor. It’s the season to get cosy and warm, and this is reflected in the use of cosy fabrics like wool, velvet and suede. You can use these fabrics for curtains and upholstery; when you are choosing a sofa, for example, suppliers will offer a wide range of fabrics to choose from when you pick on of their designs.

We love the Cabana Yeti Accent Chair from Where Saints Go, it is a real wow piece of furniture that embodies autumn with its sheepskin cover in neutral shades and natural wood arms. With a matching footstool available, you can cosy up this autumn in style!

If you are after a more subtle seasonal addition, the Shepherd of Sweden Sara Wool Pouffe from Jones and Tomlin could be for you. The felted wool finish will add a touch of luxury to any room.

Natural materials such as wood work brilliantly to enhance autumn tones, and they are versatile to be able to work with other tones and influences so won’t date it. We love the Norrebro Chest of Drawers from Swoon. Inspired from autumnal trends as it is with the natural wood grain and brass legs, it is a truly timeless piece that you will love for years to come.

For a quick and easy way to add seasonal colours into your home, look for accessories in the autumnal hues: deep yellow, reddish-brown, amber, copper and gold for example. Rugs, throws and cushions will work in your living room; for an autumnal feel in your bedroom, look for bedding in the warm autumn colours, candles and wall art.

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Enhancing Your Interiors with Sculptural Influences

At Interiors at 58, using sculptural pieces in our designs is about elevating a functional piece of furniture into something beyond its purpose; something that is also beautiful in its own right – something that makes it feel like you are adding a piece of art into your home. We love to use sculptural pieces in many of our projects, and luckily for us this trend is being embraced so there is lots of choice when it comes to abstract shapes, natural textures and plenty of curves!

This sculptural influence is something that you too can add to your home, and here are some of our favourite pieces.

Chairs and seating provide plenty of opportunity to add a touch of sculpture in any room from dining chairs to occasional chairs, and sofas and armchairs. Our top choices are the Santini Dining Chair from my furniture and the Boucle Upholstered Chair from Private Floor. Boucle is a wonderful natural texture like wool which enhances the artistic feel of a piece of furniture. It’s a very versatile fabric, working well in both contemporary and classic spaces and its typically neutral tones work in almost all schemes.

A chaise longue is typically a decorative piece and a thing of beauty and the simple lines and gentle curves of the Lima Chaise Longue from my furniture are just gorgeous. Upholstered in a stunning velvet fabric and sitting on a brushed brass base; its sculptural design is simply one of its aspects to admire and it will take centre stage in any room.

Coffee and side tables are another great way to add this influence to your home. We love the Richmond Big & Rich Gold Nest Tables from Olivia’s. They perfectly encapsulate the look with their smooth circular shapes and the gold metal finish gives any room a high-end feel and beautiful focal point.

If you want a fine frame to enhance the feeling of space in your room, the Loriini Coffee Table from Swoon should be top of your list! The brass base of the table forms a cage giving both an open feel and statement look. With an opulent white marble tabletop, it’s the perfect addition to any space. 

Sculptural and abstract pieces can also be defined by a more natural and handmade feel, with irregular sides, shapes and textures. This Birger Papier Mache Table Lamp from Sazy will help bring this current trend and feel to your home at an affordable price. 

Mirrors are always a great addition, they are versatile and affordable and come in a range of sizes and designs and maximise the light in the room. It’s no surprise to us that there are a plethora of mirror designs along the sculptural theme. One of our top picks is the Pond Mirror from Dunelm.  Not only is this a beautiful irregular shape but the brass frame elevates it to a look beyond its price point. We suggest using multiples of this mirror on a large wall to create a fantastic dramatic feature, or as a single it’s the perfect size to give your bathroom an updated feel.    

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Get Ready for Some Outdoor Living

Interior design isn’t always about what’s going on inside your home. At this time of the year you’ll be looking forward to spending time in the garden, and we can help you design a space to allow you to enjoy doing just that.

Whether you’re aiming to create a tranquil oasis, a socialising hub, or a functional outdoor workspace, we are sharing tips to empower you to breathe fresh life into your outdoor areas, and encourage you to see the exterior of your home as an extension of your indoor living space.

An important part of summer outdoor living is creating shade from the summer sun. Add some style and animal print to your patio with the Black Sands Beach Umbrella from Sunday Supply Co. Its versatility gives you the option to use this in the garden or pack it up and take it to the beach. 

The perfect outdoor living space will give you shade and shelter in the daylight sun, but also provide warmth and light to allow you to use it past dusk and into the evening. A fire pit is the perfect addition to give light as the evenings draw in as well as the all important warmth to take the chill away. We love the Cast Iron Fire Bowl from Graham and Green, a must-have for those who enjoy relaxing and entertaining alfresco.

This beautiful hanging light from can be used both inside or out. With a recess around the light element, you can place faux foliage to hang over the edge of the light creating an eye catching focal point. It’s an innovative way of adding greenery to your patio and decking areas.

A quick and easy way to light up your garden in style is with the Hanging Solar Lights from lights4fun. Simple to hang from trees or your pergola in your favourite sunny spot, they will bring the garden to life every night! 

Soft furnishings and accessories don’t just work inside your home, there is a place for them outside as well. Choose a rug for your patio like the Taro Black & White rug from benuta, to add a homely feel and a touch of cosiness. It is suitable for both in- and outdoor use, meaning you can use it all year round.

Cushions are a key part of your outdoor comfort, and with a wide choice there will be something for everyone. We love the Zacke, Areca and Contorno cushions from Oka. The qualities of the polyester fabric are that it is shower resistant and anti-mildew, but retains a soft, quality feel. Perfect for use outdoors.

You can go to town with your outdoor space or keep it simple depending on your needs or your style. Here are some quick wins for perking up your patio:

  • Hang an outdoor mirror to create lightness and brightness in even dark corners
  • Have blankets to hand for cuddling up in on chillier evenings
  • Benches and tables with hidden storage can hide away cushions and accessories
  • If space is limited, use vertical space with hanging planters or trellises for climbing plants

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A Quick Home Refresh in Time for Christmas

We’re heading towards Christmas and many of us will soon be thinking about the Christmas decorations. Before you put those up, why not have a quick interiors refresh? Using accessories and easy additions you can quickly refresh the décor of your homes well in time for your Christmas guests.

Add Greenery

Adding plants immediately freshens a space. If you are using real plants then there are other benefits as well:

  • They make you feel calmer, reducing stress levels
  • They improve the quality of the air through a natural filtering process
  • Plants help you stay focused, and improve mood, productivity and creativity
  • Plants can help you fight colds by increasing the humidity – perfect for this time of year!

At this time of year you get a seasonal selection to choose from, so even before your Christmas decorations go up you’ll be feeling festive. We love the Advent Wreath and Candle Table decoration from lights4fun. Christmassy, but it also doubles up as a candle holder to use year round.

We are incredibly lucky to have Nelly Mosa on our doorstep on Castle Road in Bedford. Fay has a great wealth of knowledge, and if you are nervous about what real plants to choose and how to care for them she will be able to help you out. Click here to see some favourites that we’ve used in a recent project.

Soft Furnishings

The easiest way to get a real feeling of change in the room is to add a statement rug, this one from La Redoute has a lovely flat weave that will be practical during the wetter months and can be easily rolled up and stored when you are ready for a change

Updating curtains, cushions and throws will instantly give your room a different feel, and at this time of year help your décor transition from summer colours through to autumn and winter.

Quick Kitchen Fix

Over Christmas you could well find yourself spending a lot of time in the kitchen, whether that’s cooking a Christmas dinner, or creating Christmas cocktails for party guests. If you fancy a change, now’s the time to do it.

Paint or replace the cupboard and door fronts for a big change, or for something small yet effective, update the cupboard and drawer handles. This is quick easy and effective but will refresh the overall effect.

Upcycle Existing Furniture

You might think you’re ready to consign some of your furniture to the recycling centre, but if you still like it but feel it just doesn’t quite think, look at upcycling alternatives. Options include repainting, re-upholstering or repairing and re-purposing. This maybe a DIY project you want to take on, but if not there are experts who can help you create the perfect piece.

Feature Dining Table

Your dining table is an opportunity to make a statement. It will change between seasons, but it can be a focus piece all year round. We’re in time for a Halloween display now, and soon we’ll be thinking about the Christmas display for your table.

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Interior Design is Not Just for Adults!

So summer’s (sadly) over and the children have gone back to school,  and they need their bedrooms to be both a sanctuary and a workspace, so how do we achieve the perfect multi-purpose space?

Creating areas and zones, in any room, is the key to a successful multi-purpose room. Each function has its own space, cleverly separated yet tied together with, for example, complementary shades keeping the room feeling whole, while having defined areas.

One way to separate different areas of a room is by using a room divider. There is a huge range available, and these can be used in any room in your home to great effect.

The freestanding wood panel from Wayfair is a stylish and flexible piece that will subtly create those zones. While the Panamara teak room divider from Maisons du Monde will visually distinguish different spaces, maybe forming a hidden corner in the living room where you can work from home, or defining a dressing area in your bedroom.

If you want something different, try a hanging divider. We love this one from Etsy which is not only functional, but it doubles up as a statement piece and talking point.

One thing that children, whatever age, need in their room is a desk or dressing table; somewhere to use to either work or play or even both! There is a wide variety of desks available; something to suit every room, budget and taste. Here are a couple of our favourites:

Petite Amelie have this gorgeous desk that works as a dressing table too. Its minimalist Scandinavian design can fit in with every child’s room.

The Adil desk from La Redoute is a versatile, retro design. It is on trend and budget friendly, and your chair and accessories will make it unique to you. Ideal for a growing child’s room.

Beds can offer flexibility and can be the ultimate piece of furniture when it comes to multi-purpose rooms. There are some great options for children’s room for functional and fun bedtimes.

A high sleeper bed like the Warwick High Sleeper from Aspace makes the most of the floor space below the bed with storage and a desk. Alternatively you can go for the a high sleeper with a futon for an additional bed. The Warwick range includes matching items like the Pedestal Desk if you want a theme throughout the room.

For smaller children, the Una Sleep Station from Noa and Nani has everything they need!

For all families great storage is the key to keeping on top of clutter and creating a calming space, however it doesn’t need to be boring and there is lots of choice when it comes to fun and funky things that your kids will love, and help keep them tidy.

We love these storage units:

Top tips

  • If you keep the décor simple and neutral colours it can be easily updated as your children get older
  • Get your kids involved at the design stage so they can express themselves with the choices.
  • The addition of accessories will reflect their current preferences and life stage
  • Use keepsakes and photos of them in the room to make it truly personal.

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Colour and Interior Design

There has been extensive research on colours and the effects that they can have on you. All colours will have an effect on you, mentally or physically, and when it comes to interior design we match the room’s purpose with the most the most appropriate colours to achieve this.

Colour psychologist Angela Wright developed the Colour Affect Systems, and she has reported that all colours have their positive and negative points, and we harness what’s necessary. With 11 colours defined, plus the addition of different hues of each colour, the colour choice can be overwhelming.

When it comes to interior design, we can help you with your colour choice. We will look at what you want from the space, what will its function be and how you want to feel when you’re in the room? These will be different answers depending on the room, for example you are likely to want to feel relaxed in your bedroom but focussed in your work area.

To give you an idea of how colours can affect you, here are a few points from the Colour Affect System:

Blue is a colour linked to your mind. It can be soothing or relaxing, making it the perfect choice for a bedroom, but stronger tones of blue will enhance your thoughts and concentration meaning that it can also work well in an office or work area. As it is so versatile it also makes for a great choice in a living area. We chose a blue sofa and chair for this living room, echoing the blue tones in the accessories and artwork. Blue and white make for a peaceful and tranquil room, ideal for relaxing after a busy day:

Pink can affect us physically being a tint of red, but it soothes where red stimulates. Psychologically it is a powerful colour and it is nurturing and physically soothing. Pairing vibrant, clashing colours together is full of impact and energy, perfect for a teenager’s bedroom. We used a vibrant Moroccan chair with bright, striped wallpaper to get this effect.

Green is the colour of balance promoting harmony, refreshment and peace. This is again another versatile colour, and choosing the right tone it can be used to affect in bedrooms and living rooms. We love this splash of green in the floral pattern of these breakfast stools:

White can sometimes be forgotten when it comes to colour, but it plays just as an important part as every other colour. White is clean, pure and simple, resonating efficiency. Too much white can be off-putting, but used in the right spaces with accent colours brought in it can work in any space, any room. When you use white in different textures and shades it won’t overwhelm a room, and works nicely in a hallway like this:

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Seasonal Ideas for Interior Design

Interior design trends change throughout the course of a year, taking inspiration from the seasons and while you may be influenced by a summer or winter colour palette, you can also add updates throughout the year.

At Interiors at 58, we believe in ensuring each of your key pieces of furniture is the best quality available for your budget as these are an investment for your home, and these won’t change. You can however add accents and accessories to transform a space easily. If there is something that you love, simply store it while you’re not using it in a décor scheme, and bring it out again when you’re ready. Although we follow interior design trends, we whole-heartedly believe that you should love your interior, on trend or not.

Here are some spring trends that you can introduce to your house for a quick refresh.


Choose a plant or foliage that you like, match with a pot or container that fits in with your colour scheme, and that’s as easy as it can be. If you’re not green-fingered, you could choose faux foliage instead.

Our top tip when it comes to faux foliage, is to purchase the plant and not worry about the pot as typically they are quite basic.  Re-pot the whole plant, pot and all, into a new container and fill with decorative stones for a higher end and more special look

Next have a lovely range of artificial plants, like this palm plant. The variety of pots and stands that come with the plants are great too, and you certainly won’t need to re-pot these.

Statement Florals

With the trend for statement floral wallpapers there is a wide choice. Make a feature wall but try to blend the wall with the rest of the room by using one of the shades within the paper for paint for the rest of the room – for example a blush pink flower or green leaf within the paper could be picked out and used as a paint colour for the whole room. If you want to make the look a truly summer only feature look for removable wallpaper.

Ellie Cashman Designs have some gorgeous floral wallpaper, with a range of designs, colours and finishes.

Florals are more versatile than you might think, and this floor lamp from is a wonderful statement piece. Pair it with floral decoration, or add some luxury to a plainer room, either way, it will look stunning.

Garden Rooms

With summer just around the corner, remember your outside space. Interior design works in your garden too, and you can create a cheerful, uplifting garden space to relax in now that the evenings are getting longer.

Our top picks below can be used both indoors and out, giving you the flexibility to add a summery feel in the garden or in your home. You certainly won’t want to be hiding these away during the colder months when you can use them all year round.

Snuggle up with a book and cuppa in the Indoor Outdoor Hanging Chair from Cox and Cox. Add the Malaysian Palm Outdoor cushion from Dunelm for a splash of colour while the beautiful Nkuku hurricane lamp creates ambience indoors or out. Perfect for enjoying the summer!

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The Perfect Winter Accessories

It might be December, but it’s not all about Christmas. We’re sure that you’re thinking about your Christmas decorations, and many of you will have them up, but this right now we’re looking at accessories for the winter season that will last beyond 25th December. You might even be inspired to gift these items!

The weather has turned, and you will be wanting to snuggle down and keep warm. What better way than to spoil yourself or a loved one with this hot water bottle cover set from Cos Stores. Crafted from traceable cashmere it really is a touch of luxury, and it makes a lovely gift.

If you want to invest in high quality key pieces of furniture, we love the Levico Chaise Snuggle chair and the Timothy Oulton Yeti chair from Barker and Stonehouse that are timeless and iconic pieces of design to invest in. Perfect for winter evenings.

A throw is the ultimate winter accessory; stylish and warm. We love this Cashmere Blend Throw from John Lewis and can picture it working with the chaise. Use it on a bed or have it ready to grab when you’re chilly. Use cushions to complement the look; Nordic House supply these gorgeous luxury sheepskin cushion covers and will help you get cosy and comfy.

Take some time to relax this winter. The lighting in your home plays an important part in creating the ambiance that you’re looking for. Keeping the lighting low is perfect for a relaxed evening with friends or family, and this timeless table lamp from Heals does just the job.

The Winter Signature Candle from The White Company will make a wonderful Christmas present, although you’ll want to use it yourself! We sometimes forget that fragrances really bring a season to life, but the combination of cinnamon, clove and orange will definitely give you that winter smell. Candles also create a soft ambient mood. Whether indoors or outdoors these hurricane lanterns from nkuku allow you to perfect your scene. Add a pillar candle to complete the look.

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Get Your Interiors Ready for Christmas

At Interiors at 58 we love Christmas and get in the spirit at the beginning of December with a house full of decorations. We will be sharing our own Christmas look once it’s finished, but in the meantime we’re sharing with you some of our favourite Christmas decorations and accessories, hoping to inspire you with your Christmas décor.

Set the expectation with your decorations, starting with your front door. Choosing a beautiful wreath to hang, such as this Everlasting eucalyptus Wreath and Lights Set from Sarah Raven, gets you into the festive spirit before you even step into your home.

Winter is always the time to snuggle up and be warm at home, and Christmas is the perfect chance to bring in festive themed soft furnishings that look great and keep you toasty. This throw blanket from Café Press is made out of soft and warm plush fleece, and can be used anywhere.

Your Christmas tree is typically the focal point of decorations, but it doesn’t need to be. If you don’t have the space for a tree, or simply want more decorative cheer, use fairy lights throughout your home. Weave them round stair bannisters or adorn dressers. The Pom Pom Fairy lights from Anthropologie are perfect for the job, adding fun and cheer to the décor wherever they are placed.

We love this gold chandelier from Meri Meri. Gold is a fabulous colour to use at Christmas, and with the glittering gold stars, it is a star attraction. This is one that could be used all year round, and not just at Christmas. Stars really are a favourite at Christmas, and this golden star with mirrored glass from Oliver Bonas should feature in every home this year.

And talking of gold, we can’t ignore the range of gold tree decorations in the Gisela Graham range at Amara. Theme your tree with gold and a colour such as silver or green and create a wonderful look. Why not browse the full Gisela Graham tree selection; there is a large variety of beautifully crafted decorations and there is something to suit any tree.

Why not create your own Christmas gallery? With a choice of winter and Christmas themed artwork you can transform your room. There are a variety of prints available from Poster Store, available with or without frames and suitable for any budget. Or you could pick one piece of seasonal artwork, like the Joy Christmas Print from Annie Dornan Smith and make it the centre point of a display.

The dining table is the centre of Christmas day festivities and deserves to be decorated as such. There are many festive elements that you can bring to it. We love the Balsam Cloche from Anthropologie. Keep your festive bakes and Santa’s cookies safe under the beautifully decorated glass.

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Update Your Interiors Quickly and Easily

Updating your home doesn’t need to be a long and complex process. If you’re going for a major renovation there will be both building and decorating work to consider, but you can quickly and easily refresh the décor of your homes and soon see the difference.

We often recommend that you invest in the key pieces of furniture in your home; your bed, dining table, sofa and alike. An update or refresh will work around these, and keep the costs down. But don’t be fooled into thinking that you can’t make a dramatic change without changing everything. With some consideration small alterations and additions can make all the difference.

Add Greenery

Adding plants immediately freshens a space. If you are using real plants then there are other benefits as well:

  • They make you feel calmer, reducing stress levels
  • They improve the quality of the air through a natural filtering process
  • Plants help you stay focused, and improve mood, productivity and creativity
  • Plants can help you fight colds by increasing the humidity – perfect for this time of year!

If you’re not green fingered, you can opt for faux foliage instead. Whether it’s real or faux it will uplift a room, and you can choose planters and vases that fit in with the décor of the room. We love these ceramic planters from Nordic House; they’re very versatile and work in many different types of colour themes.

This lovely faux fern from Dunelm is a quick and easy addition to any space, including its own iron pot.

Create a Feature in the Room

You can redecorate a whole room if you fancy a change, but that can be an upheaval and if it’s only been decorated recently it may not need it. Instead, pick a one wall and create a feature of it. This could be by painting it a bold colour, adding a striking print or using a luxe wallpaper for effect. We love the Chevron Panel wallpaper from I Love Wallpaper; available in 3 colours it gives a wood panel effect that will certainly make a statement.

Soft Furnishings

This may seem an obvious change to make, but it’s certainly an effective update. Cushions, cushion covers and curtains are straightforward to replace, and instantly change the feel of a room. You could update to reflect the seasons; bright summer flowers and lighter curtains in the spring and summer, moving to the richer autumn colours and plush finishes in the colder months.

If you’re updating now, we’d choose the Aelia cushion covers from Wayfair, an affordable statement cushion set available in a choice of colours. Perfect for a refresh.

Update Your Handles

You’ll notice the biggest change with this in the kitchen; changing cupboard and drawer handles is quick, easy and cost effective, but will change the overall effect. If you want to go one step further, you could update the cupboard and drawer fronts either by replacing or painting them. This is a great example of how you can make a dramatic change without much effort at all. These handles from Buster and Punch are an investment but a pair will give an old sideboard or wardrobe a whole new lease of life!

Upcycle Existing Furniture

As your life changes and evolves, your living needs evolve too. What was the perfect piece of furniture a few years ago now doesn’t quite fit in. Don’t jump straight into replacing it however, upcycling is an option that will allow you to repurpose and continue using loved items. It can evolve with you.

Use Your Dining Table

Dress your dining table and make a statement. For a big event, such as Christmas or Easter, your table often reflects the event and the season. You can continue this all year round, regularly updating and changing the display. Use flowers and foliage for a central display, match this with placemats on a central runner to bring it all together. Use the Rajura hurricane lanterns from nkuku in your table centre, place one large with two small ones on either side – place on a slate or marble platter for even more impact!

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