Giving Interior Design an International Twist

Many of us are making up for lost time and jetting off to far-flung destinations. And once you’ve been on your dream holiday, what better way to remember it than to use it to add influences to your home décor. Your holiday souvenirs can be your inspiration!

Be inspired by international interior design:

French Influence

Look for pieces that have a relaxed feel and a subtle colour palette and mix them with classic and modern designs for a modern take on a French interior.

The Rocca Painted Drawers from Oka are both practical and elegant, and fit into the French style as well as fitting into compact spaces.

The Hinako Chair, also from Oka, also fits well with style. Natural looking materials are always a good choice, and you can add variety or refresh the look easily by changing the removable seat cushions or adding a throw for colour.

Gilt mirrors are typical of French interior design. If you are keen on adding one to your home, there are some incredible original pieces that you can source that will give a more authentic look and feel to a French scheme, try eBay for bargains or Jasper Jacks have a great range at an excellent price point!

Chinese Influence

Oriental décor is reminiscent of the country’s ancient history and culture, and can make a real statement when used in your home. We love using gold in our interior design which adds luxury and opulence to a room and oriental style wallpaper and furniture bring in those gorgeous gold accents.

Rattan is a lightweight and versatile material that is popular and available at various price points right now and it works perfectly paired with ebony wood to add a flavour of oriental design to your interior. The Bayuban Chest of Drawers from Oka nod to the style used in South Asian countries and demonstrates perfectly how these materials work together.

We love this modern take on a classic Chinese buffer cabinet from Tides! If you are looking for a real statement piece, look no further!

Ceramic stools are an affordable and useful way to introduce some Chinese influenced pieces into your home, these gold stools from La Redoute are super stylish and make perfect side tables or look stunning in pairs under a console table.

Moroccan Influence 

Moroccan style can be exotic, elegant, luxurious and dramatic.  It’s all about an opulent look, focussing on colours, fabrics and patterns. You will often see arches, geometric designs and decorative tilework with this influence.

These stunning tiles from Claybrook come in various marble finishes and are perfect for adding a lux yet bohemian feel to your kitchen or bathroom.

The Berber rug has been a style staple in many homes over recent years and is rapidly turning into a design classic, add one to your scheme for instant texture and impact! There is something to suit every budget like the Carina Berber rug from Dunelm.

Bring back memories from a special holiday and frame your own prints, a group of 3, 4 or 6 together will maximise the impact, or if you prefer order a beautiful set ready-made! We love this set of 6 Moroccan prints from Etsy.

You don’t need to have been abroad to be inspired – the UK has some beautiful places to inspire too. Of course, if you’re unable to get away to foreign climes, bring them to you instead.

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