Bring the Outdoors In

This is a hot trend at the moment, and we don’t want you to miss out. Here are some ways that you can bring the outdoors in and create a beautiful space in any home whatever your budget.

Real vs Faux

When you’re thinking about plants and foliage you can opt for either faux or real, both have their advantages.


There is a huge range of faux plants and foliage to choose from. For the best outcome get the most realistic looking plants you can find, they don’t have to be super expensive with shops like Dunelm and Homesense stocking a large variety. Where possible we’d recommend looking at the plants in situ so that you can select the best ones more easily.

When you’re choosing the plant disregard the pot it is in, that can be changed to suit your tastes and theme. Go for a large pot for a high-end look – slip the existing pot into the new one and fill around the edges with moss or small decorative stones like these stone available from Amazon. By spending a little more over all you achieve a lux look for much less than if you had purchased something equivalent from a high-end store, plus it can be exactly as you want it to be!

For the most authentic look, choose faux plants that would survive in the area where you would place them if they were real, for example in a hot garden room or conservatory you could choose something more tropical whereas in a shady hallway something like a fern would be more appropriate.

These are some of our favourites available in Dunelm at the moment*. You can mix and match these to suit what you want.


If you are choosing real potted plants some of the same tips apply. Choose your pots independently from the plants. You can either put the pot directly in or re-pot the plant while making sure that the plant container is the style you want. We’d recommend choosing something hardy that doesn’t require too much watering if you are after something lower maintenance.

For a statement look, you may be tempted by a living wall or a green wall which is a self-sufficient vertical garden attached to a wall. Although these can look incredible, they are typically hard to pull off particularly on a budget so we would recommend considering getting professional help and either get the real thing with beautiful organic planting or finding a specialist to help you create an authentic looking faux one suitable for the location.

For a versatile and budget-friendly way to add greenery to a wall we would suggest contemporary hanging planters such as these metal plant hangers from Amazon. They bring life and colour to the wall but in a more subtle, affordable and ultimately changeable way      


  • Use natural fibres, textures and patterns
  • Floral wall patterns and rugs can be used for the botanical element
  • Use natural, earthy colours
  • Use decoration elements that are found in nature, for example, shells
  • Make use of natural light
  • Introduce scents from outdoors using scented candles and diffusers.

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*Links to our featured products:

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Ceramic Curves Planter Silver

Trailing Plant in Ceramic Pot

Artificial Fern in Black Pot

Green Plant in Black Pot

Seasonal Ideas for Interior Design

Interior design trends change throughout the course of a year, taking inspiration from the seasons and while you may be influenced by a summer or winter colour palette, you can also add updates throughout the year.

At Interiors at 58, we believe in ensuring each of your key pieces of furniture is the best quality available for your budget as these are an investment for your home, and these won’t change. You can however add accents and accessories to transform a space easily. If there is something that you love, simply store it while you’re not using it in a décor scheme, and bring it out again when you’re ready. Although we follow interior design trends, we whole-heartedly believe that you should love your interior, on trend or not.

Here are some spring trends that you can introduce to your house for a quick refresh.


Choose a plant or foliage that you like, match with a pot or container that fits in with your colour scheme, and that’s as easy as it can be. If you’re not green-fingered, you could choose faux foliage instead.

Our top tip when it comes to faux foliage, is to purchase the plant and not worry about the pot as typically they are quite basic.  Re-pot the whole plant, pot and all, into a new container and fill with decorative stones for a higher end and more special look

Next have a lovely range of artificial plants, like this palm plant. The variety of pots and stands that come with the plants are great too, and you certainly won’t need to re-pot these.

Statement Florals

With the trend for statement floral wallpapers there is a wide choice. Make a feature wall but try to blend the wall with the rest of the room by using one of the shades within the paper for paint for the rest of the room – for example a blush pink flower or green leaf within the paper could be picked out and used as a paint colour for the whole room. If you want to make the look a truly summer only feature look for removable wallpaper.

Ellie Cashman Designs have some gorgeous floral wallpaper, with a range of designs, colours and finishes.

Florals are more versatile than you might think, and this floor lamp from is a wonderful statement piece. Pair it with floral decoration, or add some luxury to a plainer room, either way, it will look stunning.

Garden Rooms

With summer just around the corner, remember your outside space. Interior design works in your garden too, and you can create a cheerful, uplifting garden space to relax in now that the evenings are getting longer.

Our top picks below can be used both indoors and out, giving you the flexibility to add a summery feel in the garden or in your home. You certainly won’t want to be hiding these away during the colder months when you can use them all year round.

Snuggle up with a book and cuppa in the Indoor Outdoor Hanging Chair from Cox and Cox. Add the Malaysian Palm Outdoor cushion from Dunelm for a splash of colour while the beautiful Nkuku hurricane lamp creates ambience indoors or out. Perfect for enjoying the summer!

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Make the Most of Your Space

Spring is the time for cleaning, clearing and rearranging. With the clocks going forward and the days getting longer, we often look around our houses for something to change or update. But where do you start? When it is your own home, it can be difficult to be objective, and you don’t always have the knowledge of what is available. It is at this point that engaging an interior designer can be helpful.

As interior designers, we work with a variety of clients. It may be the complete refurbishment of a house, designing a commercial space, updating one room or even just advising on where to source one particular item.

How can an Interior Designer help you?

Save you time

You may have ideas that you’d like to incorporate into your home, but we will help you plan the best layout for you and your needs, save you time by sourcing the very best options for you to choose from and create a variety of mood boards to help you visualise the room and make the best decisions for you. We will design, plan and shop. You can involve us as much or as little as you like, saving you the time exactly where you need it.

Save you money

Our hourly rates mean that you have the flexibility to use us in the areas you need it most, you are not tied into paying for whole room designs, or complicated fee structures and our clients find this works extremely well for them. In sourcing the perfect pieces for you we will save you costly mistakes and ensure everything goes together beautifully. We have a wealth of knowledge of interiors and furniture retailers and will often instantly know retailers and pieces that you will love that are making great products at fantastic value! We will compare the prices and pass on trade discounts of up to 50%. We have no vested interest in you purchasing from any retailers and our clients feel secure that our recommendations are all made with your best interests at heart. We will take into account how your lifestyle may change, recommending pieces that will be flexible and can be updated if necessary to suit your needs.

Creative Ideas

We’ve been doing this for a long time, and we understand interiors and the options that are available to you. We can bring unique and clever ideas to your home, solving layout and storage problems. We know how to make the most of tricky spaces and where we can add secret storage and are full of tips and hints that can cost next to nothing, but make a huge difference to your home!

We know our stuff

Through our experience of transforming homes and commercial spaces, we have built up contacts, knowledge, techniques and collaborations. This means that we are in the perfect position to speak with the right retailer. We work with a variety of trades and will often involve them in the projects we work on.

We love what we do

We know that you want to achieve a stunning finish, but you may not enjoy the laborious process of researching, planning and executing the transformation. That’s where we can help as we do! We will work tirelessly for you and with you to ensure you get your dream home!

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Creating a Space for You

Hybrid working seems to be here to stay, and that means a lot of us are both working and relaxing at home. Whilst there is a certain amount of convenience with this, where can you then go to truly disconnect from your day at work? You may have a separate office or office space, but you deserve to have a place to unwind without a constant reminder of the daily grind and chores. Let us show you how you can create a safe haven in your bedroom; somewhere to escape the day and wind down.

Create a Sanctuary in Your Bedroom

We recommend that you invest in your bedding as this is the perfect opportunity to bring some luxury into your bedroom. Choose a colour to complement the colour scheme, or to create a feature, and choose the fabric type you prefer; silk bedding can help keep you cool at night or go for luxuriously soft cotton instead.

Sallie loves both the Dorma range from Dunelm or the White company, both offer great quality without breaking the bank, and as the price is reasonable you can afford to refresh it when you feel the colours have faded a little to ensure the overall look is sharp and crisp. This is the Dorma Meadow Breeze cotton duvet cover set from Dunelm; a calming blue for a good night’s sleep.

Along with the perfect bedding, choose your mattress wisely as a good mattress is crucial for a good night’s sleep and in achieving good back health.

Keep your bedroom clear of clutter

You will no doubt find a bed and wardrobe in every bedroom, and there often isn’t much space left for additional storage so daily detritus can often clutter the room. This is where clever storage solutions save the day. Make the most of the space and have tucked away places to hide your technology too if you can’t bear to leave it at the door.

This pretty storage ottoman from Oliver Bonas would work perfectly at the end of the bed or under a window and provide excellent storage for blankets, pillows and anything you want to tuck away.

If you have a wide bedroom, don’t just opt for small typical sized bedside tables, maximise storage and fill the space visually with a lovely chest of drawers that work well aesthetically and practically with lots of extra drawers to keep things neat – and therefore restful! This reasonably priced chest of drawers from Furniture123 gives you additional storage, and its sage colour makes a statement.

Repaint and Relax

Hues of blue and green are known to be calming colours that promote relaxation, so they are the ideal choice for a bedroom’s colour scheme. If you want to make a bigger impact you could repaint your bedroom, or have a feature wall.

The Chiswick Grove Silver wallpaper from Closs & Hamblyn is much more beautiful in the flesh, with a subtle iridescence and it is charming for a restful classic bedroom, or for something stronger and more graphic.

Sallie loves this stunning green geometric paper from If you don’t want it all over, make a chic feature wall by painting the rest of the room in one of the green or ivory tones, so that it blends beautifully into the space.

If you don’t fancy decorating, artwork works well too, like this calming sea green abstract painting from Etsy, there will be something for everyone’s taste.

Hints and Tips

  • If you want a quick injection of the colour, you can easily change accessories and soft furnishings
  • Thick curtains or blackout blinds will help you get a good night’s sleep
  • A relaxing scented candle, a fragrance such as lavender, will add to a tranquil bedroom
  • Keep technology out of the bedroom or hidden away at the very least.

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This Year’s Interior Design Trends

We love seeing what the new interior trends are. Typically, there are changes with each season, and of course with a new year there are new ideas popping up. While you may love what you see in interior design magazines, you may struggle to apply it to your home, and be overwhelmed with the choices that you have. We are going to look at some key trends, and how you can use them in your home.

The Use of Green

Green is the colour of nature, and is extremely versatile. After months of being trapped in our own homes, we are appreciating the power of colour and nature to revitalise us and our homes. We do need to make sure that the colours are balanced within the home; it may mean that you wish to introduce green accessories or create a statement wall in tones of green.

It’s aways important to get the shades that tone well together. Where possible ask for samples to match the correct colour and use the same supplier for items that will be placed in the same room. The moss green armchair from Cult Furniture can be complemented by the moss green stool in the same tone.

Ensure that you also consider the tone of green that might be right for your home or style. A bright emerald green can be perfect for a hit of vibrant colour in a contemporary home or to add contrast to a period home, or try a moss green for a more timeless and elegant feel that will be suited to more classic interiors. There is a wealth of choice, as you can see from a snap shot of Dulux’s range of greens for 2022:

Creating Your Own Bespoke Interior

We know that rooms come in all shapes and sizes and to make the most of the space, we would always recommend having pieces that are made to fit the space perfectly. A high-end design has furniture that fits the space and is situated perfectly, avoiding messy gaps and wasted space. Having furniture made to measure will enhance the space both visually and practically.

At Interiors at 58 we have a range of suppliers that we use, and having bespoke furniture doesn’t need to be more expensive than buying the equivalent items ‘off the shelf’.

We often use these gorgeous benches from Angel and Boho. They are available in a multitude of fabrics, with a wide variety of leg colours and button options, they also come in bespoke lengths and are perfect for many occasions such as bedrooms benches and dining benches.

Sculptural and curved furniture

If you are keen on a minimal aesthetic and like to keep lines simple and accessories to a minimum this trend is for you. Pieces that have a sculptural quality to them make an instant statement in the room and will be the perfect complement to a piece of treasured artwork. This style combines practicality with a visual impact, and whatever your budget there is a piece perfect for you!  

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The Perfect Winter Accessories

It might be December, but it’s not all about Christmas. We’re sure that you’re thinking about your Christmas decorations, and many of you will have them up, but this right now we’re looking at accessories for the winter season that will last beyond 25th December. You might even be inspired to gift these items!

The weather has turned, and you will be wanting to snuggle down and keep warm. What better way than to spoil yourself or a loved one with this hot water bottle cover set from Cos Stores. Crafted from traceable cashmere it really is a touch of luxury, and it makes a lovely gift.

If you want to invest in high quality key pieces of furniture, we love the Levico Chaise Snuggle chair and the Timothy Oulton Yeti chair from Barker and Stonehouse that are timeless and iconic pieces of design to invest in. Perfect for winter evenings.

A throw is the ultimate winter accessory; stylish and warm. We love this Cashmere Blend Throw from John Lewis and can picture it working with the chaise. Use it on a bed or have it ready to grab when you’re chilly. Use cushions to complement the look; Nordic House supply these gorgeous luxury sheepskin cushion covers and will help you get cosy and comfy.

Take some time to relax this winter. The lighting in your home plays an important part in creating the ambiance that you’re looking for. Keeping the lighting low is perfect for a relaxed evening with friends or family, and this timeless table lamp from Heals does just the job.

The Winter Signature Candle from The White Company will make a wonderful Christmas present, although you’ll want to use it yourself! We sometimes forget that fragrances really bring a season to life, but the combination of cinnamon, clove and orange will definitely give you that winter smell. Candles also create a soft ambient mood. Whether indoors or outdoors these hurricane lanterns from nkuku allow you to perfect your scene. Add a pillar candle to complete the look.

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Get Your Interiors Ready for Christmas

At Interiors at 58 we love Christmas and get in the spirit at the beginning of December with a house full of decorations. We will be sharing our own Christmas look once it’s finished, but in the meantime we’re sharing with you some of our favourite Christmas decorations and accessories, hoping to inspire you with your Christmas décor.

Set the expectation with your decorations, starting with your front door. Choosing a beautiful wreath to hang, such as this Everlasting eucalyptus Wreath and Lights Set from Sarah Raven, gets you into the festive spirit before you even step into your home.

Winter is always the time to snuggle up and be warm at home, and Christmas is the perfect chance to bring in festive themed soft furnishings that look great and keep you toasty. This throw blanket from Café Press is made out of soft and warm plush fleece, and can be used anywhere.

Your Christmas tree is typically the focal point of decorations, but it doesn’t need to be. If you don’t have the space for a tree, or simply want more decorative cheer, use fairy lights throughout your home. Weave them round stair bannisters or adorn dressers. The Pom Pom Fairy lights from Anthropologie are perfect for the job, adding fun and cheer to the décor wherever they are placed.

We love this gold chandelier from Meri Meri. Gold is a fabulous colour to use at Christmas, and with the glittering gold stars, it is a star attraction. This is one that could be used all year round, and not just at Christmas. Stars really are a favourite at Christmas, and this golden star with mirrored glass from Oliver Bonas should feature in every home this year.

And talking of gold, we can’t ignore the range of gold tree decorations in the Gisela Graham range at Amara. Theme your tree with gold and a colour such as silver or green and create a wonderful look. Why not browse the full Gisela Graham tree selection; there is a large variety of beautifully crafted decorations and there is something to suit any tree.

Why not create your own Christmas gallery? With a choice of winter and Christmas themed artwork you can transform your room. There are a variety of prints available from Poster Store, available with or without frames and suitable for any budget. Or you could pick one piece of seasonal artwork, like the Joy Christmas Print from Annie Dornan Smith and make it the centre point of a display.

The dining table is the centre of Christmas day festivities and deserves to be decorated as such. There are many festive elements that you can bring to it. We love the Balsam Cloche from Anthropologie. Keep your festive bakes and Santa’s cookies safe under the beautifully decorated glass.

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Update Your Interiors Quickly and Easily

Updating your home doesn’t need to be a long and complex process. If you’re going for a major renovation there will be both building and decorating work to consider, but you can quickly and easily refresh the décor of your homes and soon see the difference.

We often recommend that you invest in the key pieces of furniture in your home; your bed, dining table, sofa and alike. An update or refresh will work around these, and keep the costs down. But don’t be fooled into thinking that you can’t make a dramatic change without changing everything. With some consideration small alterations and additions can make all the difference.

Add Greenery

Adding plants immediately freshens a space. If you are using real plants then there are other benefits as well:

  • They make you feel calmer, reducing stress levels
  • They improve the quality of the air through a natural filtering process
  • Plants help you stay focused, and improve mood, productivity and creativity
  • Plants can help you fight colds by increasing the humidity – perfect for this time of year!

If you’re not green fingered, you can opt for faux foliage instead. Whether it’s real or faux it will uplift a room, and you can choose planters and vases that fit in with the décor of the room. We love these ceramic planters from Nordic House; they’re very versatile and work in many different types of colour themes.

This lovely faux fern from Dunelm is a quick and easy addition to any space, including its own iron pot.

Create a Feature in the Room

You can redecorate a whole room if you fancy a change, but that can be an upheaval and if it’s only been decorated recently it may not need it. Instead, pick a one wall and create a feature of it. This could be by painting it a bold colour, adding a striking print or using a luxe wallpaper for effect. We love the Chevron Panel wallpaper from I Love Wallpaper; available in 3 colours it gives a wood panel effect that will certainly make a statement.

Soft Furnishings

This may seem an obvious change to make, but it’s certainly an effective update. Cushions, cushion covers and curtains are straightforward to replace, and instantly change the feel of a room. You could update to reflect the seasons; bright summer flowers and lighter curtains in the spring and summer, moving to the richer autumn colours and plush finishes in the colder months.

If you’re updating now, we’d choose the Aelia cushion covers from Wayfair, an affordable statement cushion set available in a choice of colours. Perfect for a refresh.

Update Your Handles

You’ll notice the biggest change with this in the kitchen; changing cupboard and drawer handles is quick, easy and cost effective, but will change the overall effect. If you want to go one step further, you could update the cupboard and drawer fronts either by replacing or painting them. This is a great example of how you can make a dramatic change without much effort at all. These handles from Buster and Punch are an investment but a pair will give an old sideboard or wardrobe a whole new lease of life!

Upcycle Existing Furniture

As your life changes and evolves, your living needs evolve too. What was the perfect piece of furniture a few years ago now doesn’t quite fit in. Don’t jump straight into replacing it however, upcycling is an option that will allow you to repurpose and continue using loved items. It can evolve with you.

Use Your Dining Table

Dress your dining table and make a statement. For a big event, such as Christmas or Easter, your table often reflects the event and the season. You can continue this all year round, regularly updating and changing the display. Use flowers and foliage for a central display, match this with placemats on a central runner to bring it all together. Use the Rajura hurricane lanterns from nkuku in your table centre, place one large with two small ones on either side – place on a slate or marble platter for even more impact!

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Multipurpose Rooms Can Be The Smart Choice

When you move into a house, you don’t always know what life has in store for you. A growing family, working from home, and the need for additional storage; these aren’t always anticipated. Of course if your needs change you could move house, but there are many reasons why this doesn’t need to be the solution. Moving costs alone need to be considered, and often it can a cost-effective, viable option to stay where you are but make changes.

If you feel that your home isn’t working for you anymore, take a moment to really look at how you use your home and what you need from it. This knowledge will allow you to think about utilising your space more efficiently. Multipurpose rooms really come into their own here – they save space while taking into account different living needs.


You can use your colour scheme to great effect here to both create a seamless look and differentiate the spaces. Keeping walls neutral will keep the room bright and light, which will always give you the effect of space often needed in a multipurpose room. If you choose similar colours for your storage then it will blend in with the walls, keeping the light effect. Alternatively you could use colour to break the room up; a blue wall behind a desk will distinguish that as being the “office” section of the room.

Accessories and artwork are always brilliant additions to a room, adding interest and colour, and again these can be used to separate the room. A rug may be the centre point of the “living area” of the room. If you are keeping some, or all, of the walls a neutral colour, use artwork to stop the room looking blank.

What works in a multipurpose room?

Lockdown has certainly made many people create a working space in a variety of rooms; a common need that a multipurpose room solves. A working space could be added into a bedroom, ideal for children doing homework too, a living or dining room or even a kitchen. You might need to use a spare room in multiple ways, a playroom or office that easily converts into a guest bedroom maybe. A play space for children can be a welcome addition to a living room, family time together when you want it, and separated when you need a more adult space.

Here are just some pieces that you can use when space is at a premium.

When you have limited space, make sure you make use of every nook and cranny. The Quinnlynn Secretary Desk from Wayfair is perfect for a very limited space. If you want a discrete office space in a room, this works well.

Storage space doesn’t need to be boring and look functional. The Portland Wine Cupboard from The Dormy House is a stylish piece for a living room with a dining area. Keep the crockery and tableware hidden aware, and as an added bonus you can have your wine to hand at dinner time.

The Abel Ottoman from MADE boasts hidden storage and makes a great addition whether it’s a living room or a bedroom; the perfect secret hideaway for bits and bobs.

Storage and fun are two key things when it comes to children’s bedrooms. The Beach House Cabin bed, from The Children’s Furniture Company, is an investment but it’s not only a statement that will be the focal point in the room it’s practical and flexible too – keep everything else simple to keep costs down.

Do you need some play space in the living room that you can hide away after bedtime? The Bodmin Play Table from the Great Little Trading Company can double as a coffee table when the plain side faces up. One table serving two purposes.


  • Start with the ‘big space’ first and fit other things around it
  • Choose multipurpose furniture for space and cost-efficiency
  • Cupboards with doors can be used to hide things away
  • Check that it works for everyone.

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Create a Relaxing Space You Love

At the end of the day you deserve a tranquil space to relax and unwind. You might think that a bedroom is just a place to sleep, but it is more than that. The right tones, textures and furniture can make your bedroom a calm and serene haven.

Consider the following:


Cool and muted colours are always calming colours. Green and blue tones bring in a hint of nature and can be used in varying depths of tone to create a layered look that is interested and not bland.


Subtly is key here; avoid harsh lighting instead opting for softer lighting that creates the desired mood. This light from Ocean Lighting has the wow factor but also contains a diffuser at the bottom to soften the light. For even more flexibility, add a dimmer switch to control the brightness.

Bedrooms are often a place to read, and adding a light suitable for this purpose is a great idea. The Niche wall light from Pooky is both elegant and practical. It allows the light to be directed onto your book so as to not disturb others.

Bedside cabinets

Cabinets are certainly functional, but the right choice will assist with keeping the room relaxing. If you have space on either side of your bed, it’s best to fill it with a well-fitting low chest, not only does it prevent awkward gaps either side but also gives you plenty of storage to tuck away anything unsightly. The Federico by Gillmore Space fits the bill – a contemporary design with plenty of storage space.

Soft furnishings

Accessories are perfect for injecting colour, pattern and texture into a room, and are an easy way to update the décor. In the bedroom, they have the added bonus of softening the room, whether it’s with a plush rug or scatter cushion.

Every bedroom needs curtains; choosing a heavy or thick fabric will help you keep your room dark. We love these curtains from Anthropologie – perfect for keeping the light out, as well as adding texture and colour to the room.

Use cushions to give a real feel of comfort in the bedroom. They can be scattered or arranged on the bed, or added to chairs. These Glacier Powder cushions from Andrew Martin are a wonderful choice for a bedroom with their cool, calming colours. Alternatively, the Sanderson Sycamore cushions in Mist Blue from Bedeck Home fit into a relaxing theme.

If you have the space, you can create a dedicated reading or relaxing area within your bedroom, somewhere to put your feet up whatever time of the day. A comfortable chair is a great addition, allowing somewhere to sit and contemplate. The Mitzi armchair from Atkin and Thyme would work well.

Pair it with the luxurious Supersoft Sheepskin Pouf from Nordic House and quite literally put your feet up at the end of a tiring day.

Some tips to keep in mind when you are designing your bedroom:

  • Make sure you choose furniture that is both comfortable and functional
  • A neutral colour scheme on the walls is ideal, add texture and interest through accessories
  • Comfort is key in a bedroom, soften edges and corners with plush cushions and blankets.

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