This Year’s Interior Design Trends

We love seeing what the new interior trends are. Typically, there are changes with each season, and of course with a new year there are new ideas popping up. While you may love what you see in interior design magazines, you may struggle to apply it to your home, and be overwhelmed with the choices that you have. We are going to look at some key trends, and how you can use them in your home.

The Use of Green

Green is the colour of nature, and is extremely versatile. After months of being trapped in our own homes, we are appreciating the power of colour and nature to revitalise us and our homes. We do need to make sure that the colours are balanced within the home; it may mean that you wish to introduce green accessories or create a statement wall in tones of green.

It’s aways important to get the shades that tone well together. Where possible ask for samples to match the correct colour and use the same supplier for items that will be placed in the same room. The moss green armchair from Cult Furniture can be complemented by the moss green stool in the same tone.

Ensure that you also consider the tone of green that might be right for your home or style. A bright emerald green can be perfect for a hit of vibrant colour in a contemporary home or to add contrast to a period home, or try a moss green for a more timeless and elegant feel that will be suited to more classic interiors. There is a wealth of choice, as you can see from a snap shot of Dulux’s range of greens for 2022:

Creating Your Own Bespoke Interior

We know that rooms come in all shapes and sizes and to make the most of the space, we would always recommend having pieces that are made to fit the space perfectly. A high-end design has furniture that fits the space and is situated perfectly, avoiding messy gaps and wasted space. Having furniture made to measure will enhance the space both visually and practically.

At Interiors at 58 we have a range of suppliers that we use, and having bespoke furniture doesn’t need to be more expensive than buying the equivalent items ‘off the shelf’.

We often use these gorgeous benches from Angel and Boho. They are available in a multitude of fabrics, with a wide variety of leg colours and button options, they also come in bespoke lengths and are perfect for many occasions such as bedrooms benches and dining benches.

Sculptural and curved furniture

If you are keen on a minimal aesthetic and like to keep lines simple and accessories to a minimum this trend is for you. Pieces that have a sculptural quality to them make an instant statement in the room and will be the perfect complement to a piece of treasured artwork. This style combines practicality with a visual impact, and whatever your budget there is a piece perfect for you!  

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