Interior Design for Family Living

Interior design isn’t just for adults! Beautifully created home environments will give a boost to anyone who lives in them, young or old. The design that you choose needs to suit your life right now and for the foreseeable future. When it comes to family living with children in the house, there needs to be a lot of scope for flexibility so that any design lasts the test of time. Let us help you with your family-friendly home design with these ideas.

Versatile Furniture

Flexible and multi-purpose furniture can suit a wide range of different needs, and certainly come into their own for family living when space is so often stretched. Versatile furniture can serve several purposes and therefore is able to adapt to different stages of family life. Take a modular sofa for example, it can be arranged to accommodate gatherings or provide extra sleeping space for guests. Or an extendable dining table will suit daily life for everyday meals, and gives you the option to welcome extra dining guests when it’s opened out.

Durability is Key

With a busy and hectic life it’s vital to select materials and finishes carefully. A considered choice will give any item a longer life and make its maintenance easier. Look for stain resistant fabrics for furniture and hardwearing flooring like hardwood or laminate that can withstand heavy foot traffic and the occasional spill or accident.

Durability doesn’t need to be boring, as you can see with the Smithy Sofa from Loaf. There are a variety of colours all in Loaf’s ‘clever’ fabric which is spill-resistant and a must for family living. Elegance and durability are not mutually exclusive, you can have both as you can see with the Lyvia Bench from Sweetpea and Willow which is also available in durable fabrics.

Create Zones

Functional zones help you to maximise the usability of your home, and it helps all family members have their own little space. For each room, consider the different activities that take place in there, and designate an area for each. In a living room, you might have a storage and play area for toys and a nook with a desk for a work area.

Flexible Storage

Storage is frequently a key concern in a family home, but it is vital for keeping clutter at bay and keeping organised. Look for storage solutions that can be reconfigured or repurposed as needs change. Bookshelves with adjustable shelves, for example, will evolve with the family. Baskets and bins are perfect for keeping toys tidy and can be used for other things over the years. Here are some storage solutions that we love!

Cotswold Company do a range of blanket boxes, including this Wide Blanket Box; we have featured it in Chantilly White, but it is available in a range of colours to suit any décor theme. These are sturdy boxes that can store a multitude of things, and we love that they are delivered ready-assembled.

The Stockholm Storage Bench from Noa & Nani is great for family living. Add a cushion to the top, and it’s a useful bench for sitting while shoes are put on. The half rattan baskets mean that it’s visible what’s inside and children can easily find the shoes or toys they’re looking for. Without the baskets, you have the option of low-level shelving.

For a little fun and personality, the Morris Monkey Pink Wooden Storage Cabinet from Oliver Bonas is a lovely addition.

Design for Growth

Family needs will change over time, and anticipating the coming changes will allow you to plan your décor, fixtures and fittings for the longer term. You might want to consider evolving interests and hobbies which need a space, a nursery that can be transitioned into a child’s bedroom or a home office that also doubles as a guest room. Versatile furniture and suitable storage will help you with the changing needs of your family.

The Frances Woven Rattan 2-Door Desk from Daals can double as an art or homework area or a dressing table. Its functions will change as your children grow. The Nebel Wardrobe from Wayfair, which has a gorgeous high-end look, would suit your child’s bedroom with the shelves that could be used for toy storage but are equally great for a future shoe collection.

Add Personality

We feel this is key in any home, but when it comes to a family or multi-member household incorporate elements to reflect the personalities and interests of each family member. You can do this easily using things such as wall art, throw pillows or accessories. These can be swapped out and updated as children get older to suit each age state. Indoor-outdoor rugs are a great option here. Their design and finish have come a long way; they are durable and easier to clean and maintain but still have a nice soft feel. The best of both worlds that are needed in a family home. This In- & Outdoor Rug from Benuta is a wonderful example of this.

The key to achieving amazing interiors for family living is planning head and anticipating the changing needs of everyone. As a general rule either choose less expensive pieces that can be swapped out when needs change, which gives you an opportunity to pick up more trend-led or current pieces, or invest in sturdier items that are versatile and have a timeless feel.

Luxury Living on Any Budget

Interior design is often seen as a luxury, as it can involve high-end materials and custom furniture, however, there is another side to the story and we believe Interior Design can be tailored to suit any budget.

Engaging with an interior designer will lead to a well-designed and optimised space. Storage will be maximised, and a functional yet pleasing home will be the result. One could consider interior design a necessity when all of the following are taken into account by the designer: functionality, psychological well-being, safety and comfort.  Not to mention that an interior designer can help you source products at the best price, saving you both time and money scouring retailers and suppliers.

These are two ends of the scale, but in reality, interior design covers a spectrum of scope and budget. In addition, you will find furniture, accessories and décor to suit every budget; if you know where to look. We want to demonstrate that you can have a beautiful home whatever the budget by showcasing a range of items.


These are all beautiful light fittings that will be a focal point in any room, but the price tags are very different. From left to right, these are the Liang & Eimil Gamma Pendant Lamp from Shropshire Design, the Jax 10 Light Burnished Brass Chandelier from CP Lights and the Sputnik Modern Pendant Light Chandelier from ManoMano. This is one example of how you can source a similar design to give you the look you want, on the budget you have.

When it comes to lighting, as you go up the budget scale, you get the choice of bigger and more impactful designs and sizes. It can be argued that an increased budget brings a higher quality of item, however with considered research before you purchase, you can ensure that you get value for money.


With pieces of art, as you go up in price, the finish of the piece is a different level. At the high-end, you will have an original piece of art which has texture and, in some cases, you have the option to customise colour and add luxury elements such as gold leaf. This pair of Quintessa Colleir paintings from Olivia’s are hand painted and are a fabulous choice if you are looking at high-end options.

At the mid-price point, it isn’t the original painting, but rather a canvas of the original piece. This still looks good, but close up it is untextured, however still looks great and will still be impactful even if it lacks detail, up close. The Alma Framed Canvas from The House Outfit is an example of this.

At the lower end of the budget scale, Desenio is a great place to source posters and prints. These can still be impactful, like the Beige Impression No1 Poster, particularly if this is hand-framed by a local framer. Of course, you can choose to frame any artwork that you have and, again, there is a huge choice covering the full spectrum of budgets.


At the top end of your budget we have the Heydey Sideboard from Loaf. The lux detail here is in the wood joinery, the curved edges and the fact that it arrives fully assembled.

The Jakob Oak Grooved Sideboard from Roseland has a similar look, but a smaller price tag while the Solid Mango Fluted Wood Sideboard from Furniture123 is the cheapest of the 3. Both this and the Jakob sideboard will need some assembly after delivery.


You’d be right in thinking that these tables all look very similar! The key difference between these tables from Made in the Cellar are the table top material. At the higher price point, you have a quartz table top and a chunkier frame. Mid-range uses oak, and at the lower price point, you have pine. Both the pine and oak tables have a Bobbin leg design, which is slimmer than the quartz variant.

When you know the look and design that you want, we think it’s possible to source furniture, accessories and décor to achieve the desired effect at any budget. As interior designers, this is something that we help our clients with, whether we are involved in a complete project, or consulting on different options available. There is something for every budget and preference, but if you’re stuck at the design stage then it might be time to hire an interior designer!

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Interior Design for Selling Your Home

As we see a new year in, it’s definitely the time for new years resolutions, and for many that means big changes like moving home. Moving home is said to be one of the most stressful things that you can do in life. So, if you can make it easier it is definitely worth doing!

Finding your new home is only part of it, you need to sell your existing home in order to make that move. So how do you go about getting your home ready for selling?


Firstly, and most obviously, have a massive tidy and declutter. You will need to do this when you move, after all you won’t want to pay movers to pack and transport things you don’t need. Be strict with yourself; go through your items and consider whether you genuinely use or want it, and if not get rid of it. After a good clear out you can see exactly what you are dealing with.

Take Photos

We suggest taking some photos of your rooms yourself so you can get familiar with what angles look good and how things are looking in the photos. One thing we have learnt as Interior Designers is that when it comes to shooting a room, something that looks good in situ doesn’t always show up to its best in images, and sometimes angles that don’t look that strong in real life look amazing in photos. It’s worth getting to know what is working for you so you can direct and support the estate agent photographer when they arrive.


Once you have tidied and de-cluttered, have a look at the room through the photos you have taken and you will be able to see what is missing. Is your interior neutral and in need of some contrast to avoid appearing too bland in photos? In this scenario you could add some plumped up contrasting cushions, some real or faux greenery or replace tired light fittings with some up-to-date lighting choices to show that your home is refreshed and updated.

The Little Botanical Plant Shelfie Set from John Lewis is perfect for easily adding a little something to a room and the Ashcraft scatter cushions from Wayfair come in a range of colours to suit many a room.

Purchasing your updated items will be a great investment in getting the best price for your current home, and you can take them with you when you leave!

If your home is already full of colour and pattern you might want to dial back a bit for sale. Again, looking at the images you have taken on your phone will highlight this to you. Do you need to refine the colour palette or patterns to ensure they are not too distracting for a potential buyer?

Look over the photos for any paintwork that needs touching up, and tape up any loose wires so they are not visible in photos

Up-to-date and considered decor will give buyers the impression you have been maintaining your home and that it is in good condition throughout.


Storage will always be key so now is a good time to invest in attractive storage trunks, chests and boxes that can store all the little things we leave out on the surface day to day allowing you to show your home to its absolute best potential. We like these metal storage trunks from Vonhaus that are attractive as well as functional.

Kids’ rooms don’t have to be perfect but it’s important the buyer can see how they might use the room; decluttering and storage are particularly important in these areas.


Make sure you get as much light into the home as possible. For the initial photos and daylight viewings, draw back curtains and blinds to their maximum and open doors to ensure you don’t get left with dark corridors. If you have viewings in the evening or on a grey day, make sure that you turn lights on and use table lamps to get that light effect.

Floor Space

Unless you have a super large open space, floor space will be key. Put away anything that doesn’t need to be on the floor; think waste bins, magazine or newspaper storage and laundry baskets. While you may need these day-to-day, moving them out of the way will give a much better impression to prospective buyers. If you have any overly bulky items that take up a lot of floor space like a solid ottoman or side table consider replacing them with something slimmer in profile and on high legs so that buyers can see the full floor space. A great example of this effect working is with the Chesterfield Modern Footstool from SLF24.

Estate Agents

Finally, when you are choosing an agent consider the quality of the photographs and make that part of your choice as it really does make a difference; grainy images and bad angles will put off potential buyers.  

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Make the Most of Your Space

Spring is the time for cleaning, clearing and rearranging. With the clocks going forward and the days getting longer, we often look around our houses for something to change or update. But where do you start? When it is your own home, it can be difficult to be objective, and you don’t always have the knowledge of what is available. It is at this point that engaging an interior designer can be helpful.

As interior designers, we work with a variety of clients. It may be the complete refurbishment of a house, designing a commercial space, updating one room or even just advising on where to source one particular item.

How can an Interior Designer help you?

Save you time

You may have ideas that you’d like to incorporate into your home, but we will help you plan the best layout for you and your needs, save you time by sourcing the very best options for you to choose from and create a variety of mood boards to help you visualise the room and make the best decisions for you. We will design, plan and shop. You can involve us as much or as little as you like, saving you the time exactly where you need it.

Save you money

Our hourly rates mean that you have the flexibility to use us in the areas you need it most, you are not tied into paying for whole room designs, or complicated fee structures and our clients find this works extremely well for them. In sourcing the perfect pieces for you we will save you costly mistakes and ensure everything goes together beautifully. We have a wealth of knowledge of interiors and furniture retailers and will often instantly know retailers and pieces that you will love that are making great products at fantastic value! We will compare the prices and pass on trade discounts of up to 50%. We have no vested interest in you purchasing from any retailers and our clients feel secure that our recommendations are all made with your best interests at heart. We will take into account how your lifestyle may change, recommending pieces that will be flexible and can be updated if necessary to suit your needs.

Creative Ideas

We’ve been doing this for a long time, and we understand interiors and the options that are available to you. We can bring unique and clever ideas to your home, solving layout and storage problems. We know how to make the most of tricky spaces and where we can add secret storage and are full of tips and hints that can cost next to nothing, but make a huge difference to your home!

We know our stuff

Through our experience of transforming homes and commercial spaces, we have built up contacts, knowledge, techniques and collaborations. This means that we are in the perfect position to speak with the right retailer. We work with a variety of trades and will often involve them in the projects we work on.

We love what we do

We know that you want to achieve a stunning finish, but you may not enjoy the laborious process of researching, planning and executing the transformation. That’s where we can help as we do! We will work tirelessly for you and with you to ensure you get your dream home!

If you want a fabulous home, but need inspiration and help achieving it, contact Interiors at 58. Remember to follow us on Facebook for more interior design ideas.